Imagine a world where marketers believed in the brands that they worked with. Imagine a place where branders helped companies live with values that encouraged change as well as sales.

Imagine brands that inspire people to take better care of themselves, their families and the planet; that connect people with their communities; that talk (and listen) to them as people—not as “consumers.”

How do you design that kind of brand?

You start with a great product, and transform it from a product that people buy, into a brand people “buy into”. You design to make it look and feel so fresh and welcoming that it jumps off shelves, storefronts and webpages. You craft your brand’s message to be meaningful, memorable and fit into the conversations that we (people) are already having as a community. You provide a rewarding experiences in store and online. You let influencers and fans spread the word. Unearthing potential can seem challenging… We can help. Welcome to Multibird Branding. We are the branding agency committed to growing and developing all brands natural, organic, sustainable, ethical.

1) We create BRANDLOVE by nurturing brands to speak to people in relevant ways.

2) We unearth the roots of the story a brand yearns to tell, and help that brand’s promise manifest itself into something wonderful.

3) We understand the difference between trends and fads—especially in the natural, organic, health and wellness universe. We are smart, hip, intuitive, and organically grown!

4) We “get” the market our clients serve and help them stay fresh and competitive in their category.

5) We spread BRANDLOVE online, off-line, in-store and on the street.

In The Blog

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Arayuma’s Organic Coconut Milk

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Our work

sub brand+labels_PureIonics
Packaging ionic minerals
PURE Ionics by Renewal Wellness
Rebranding and pack design
PURE by Renewal Wellness
Canadian launch of US brand
EpiCor Cold & Flu
Retail signage program
Kardish Health Centres, Ottawa
EU pack for US brand
Way Better Snacks
Wellness centre branding
The Space Wellness Centre
Sustainable clothing brand
FROM Clothing UK
Trade show booth
A.Vogel (Canada)
We are idea-people and creative thinkers, planners and designers, natural health enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, tree huggers, visionaries, experimenters, foodies, social media geeks, brand-builders, strategists & trend hunters.

As Multibird, we have been creating exceptional brand design since 2010. We are young, lean, energetic, and international. We bring together a wealth of experience in the natural and organic products industry as well as in branding and social media.

We believe in what we do. We live, breathe and participate in the growth of the Natural Health Products as an industry and as everyday consumers. We have intuition and a strong track record for turning products into brands that people want to be a part of.

Within our team, we strive to live and work in an increasingly sustainable manner. We thrive on ideas, on creating beautiful design and great work for good clients, on building enduring, engaging brands and having fun doing it!

Co-founders Katharine Herringer and Iván Álvarez de Lorenzana started Multibird in 2010 while living in Europe, to address the need for authentic branding and design in the then growing organic and natural products industry. Seven years later the industry is booming and organic products have replaced traditional ones as the norm in several categories, while Katharine and Ivan are busy with a small and talented team, helping food and supplement brands make a mark on both sides of the Atlantic.


Brands we work with:
The Naturalist Publishing, Prairie Naturals, Provita Nutrition and Health, Karlene Karst RD, Cha’s Organics, Pure Ionics and Pure series by Renewal Wellness, Terry Naturally, Sea-licious, Your Natural Health Minute, Beyond Silver by Reset Cells, Emerald Health Botanicals, Kardish Health Food Centres, Way Better Snacks, EpiCor Cold & Flu, A.Vogel (Canada), FROM Clothing UK, Magrete Naturals of Norway, Bio-K+, The Space Wellness Centre, SoLo Gi Nutrition, BAO Smoothies, Fairtrade Canada,, Dicentra.

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