The story of Multibird started with a (organic branding) dream.

Founders Katharine and Ivan had visions of ‘organic branding’, while working in the Natural Products industry in Vancouver, Canada. They saw a need in the marketplace, and the idea to combine their love of beautiful design with their years of experience in branding and natural health. The hope was to find themselves one day living sustainably, on an island in the Mediterranean, while working with clients (big and small) around the world. And so they packed up their lives in Vancouver, moved to Madrid in 2009 and began to work away at the dream.

Today, the Multibird Branding HQ (maybe we should say HQ-ette?..we’re a small team!) finds itself in a 150 year old former olive oil pressing house, in a small village on the island of Mallorca, Spain. Day-to-day, working with brands in Canada, the US, and Europe. With ‘obligatory’ mid-day breaks to hike amongst the sheep and donkeys, make our homemade almond milk lattes and breathe in the fresh sea air ;)

What does Multibird mean? Multibird Branding was incorporated in 2010 on the premise that all brands are like different birds with unique stories to tell, and Multibird wants to help tell that story. The first identity work for Multibird focused on birds of every species and migratory patterns (being migratory creatures ourselves), until the talking boxes concept was presented and it became an instant favourite.

Our clients and the extended Multibird team span five time zones and four languages, but we are still true to the values we started with: work with brands that we believe in, and that make the world a better place; do only good work (or don’t do it at all); stay lean and agile; and always look to bring a fresh perspective.

Come join us, let’s have a chat. Almond lattes, anyone?